STILL FROM “The Sun’s Happening: An Act of Telepresence”

Size: 4:3

Medium: Interactive Art

Year: 2021

Edition: Ancient Duomo’s Crypt, Castello di Milazzo (Italy)

The Sun’s Happening: An Act of Telepresence is an interactive installation that reinterprets the natural variations in ambient light throughout the day and visualises them as a constantly pulsating sun. Whenever the fluctuation in light occurs rapidly, such as at sunrise or sunset time, the projected sun also changes its colour accordingly, allowing the viewer to experience a live digital sunset from indoors through the interface wherever the installation is set up.

As the work is live it does vary day by day; Changes gradually giving the viewer a space to assimilate the experience and contextualise it within our realities, which nowadays are, more often than not, virtual. Can a digital graphic offer an emotional response similar to the one triggered by a sunset – one of the most beautiful natural phenomena?


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