Simplify I

Size: 60 x 80 cm

Medium: Oil on canvas

Year: 2016

‘Simplify’ are a series of two paintings of which visuals were derived from close-up photos taken from an assigned on-site location. The original photos featured varying contrasting elements such as; intricate texture against smooth surfaces, lights against darks, regularised forms against irregular forms, clashing angles, and fluxes in focus. Originally, the intent was to recreate an exact copy of these details, however, in the planning of composition, it became apparent that not all of the existing elements were necessary. In this case, more was being communicated through the use of less visual complexity, hence the title ‘Simplify’.

The paintings’ colour palette remained true to the original photos, a harmonious merge of white, neutral tones, and a stark black/blue. Flat large brushstrokes were used to create a two-dimensional finish, which when aimed towards certain light sources reveals an unanticipated illusion of texture.



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