Radical Soundscape

Size: Full Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cS3OfupMHgQ

Medium: Plants and Physical Computing

Year: 2022

Sound holds power, and landscapes are repositories of sound, textured and layered. Radical Soundscape, before being an interactive installation, is a project which promotes a revolutionary understanding of plants’ consciousness through these radical, from Latin radicalis (“originating in the root”), vibrations. The installation navigates the possibility to create live and dynamic sounds through our interaction with nature, allowing for sonic encounters to unfold in an immersive manner.

Nothing is scripted, there’s magic to it.

In the interactive installation, biofeedback from the plants is used to generate a soundscape. 
Plants, as alive organisms, have an electric field around them that is able to “interact” with our own. By monitoring the fluctuations in the plants’ electric field, I was able to design this system, free from any external sensors. As a result of the audience getting closer and interfering with the plant’s electric field, audio is produced. This project is part of ongoing creative research into plants’ sensing capabilities and their potential for interactive design. In my thesis ‘The Unexplored Power of Plants’, I further investigate the role of design in response to the environmental crisis and propose ways in which design can operate as a tool for the production and communication of new meanings around nature.


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