Make Something Happen

Size: 30×30 cm 12 inc

Medium: Embroidery on tulle

Year: 2022

Edition: 1

The embroidery of two hands on tulle carries a powerful message of creation, both of the art piece itself and the connection to nature through the use of green threads. The delicate art of tulle embroidery also inspires the artist’s hope to raise awareness of the beauty of nature and its importance in our lives.

Through the intricate embroidery of the two hands, the artist conveys the message that creating art is a form of connection with nature, and by utilizing the green threads, it serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving the environment. The artwork serves as a call to action for environmental conservation, urging the audience to appreciate and cherish the natural world.

The artist’s hope is that this art piece will raise awareness and inspire others to take action to protect the environment. By bringing together the delicate art of tulle embroidery with a powerful environmental message, the artist creates a unique and thought-provoking expression that draws the audience in and creates a lasting impression


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