Size: 29.7 x 42.0 cm (A3)

Medium: Embroidery on paper

Year: 2022

I wanted to emphasize the vibrant colors and liveliness that the pansy flower gives on a man while working on it artistically. The pansy flower is one of the most elegant and beautiful flowers in nature. Its magnificent colors and vibrancy remind us of our connection with nature and the beauty of life. Therefore, working on the pansy flower can have a fascinating effect on men with an artistic approach.

The pansy flower also reflects the characteristic features of a strong and determined man. When the flower’s soft but graceful leaves are combined, a powerful harmony is established. This harmony, when combined with a man’s natural charm, emphasizes that he has a balanced and determined personality.

The pansy flower also reflects a man’s emotional state. The flower’s color can be chosen according to a man’s emotional state. For example, purple pansy can reflect a man’s restlessness, while pink pansy can carry a more romantic sentiment.

The pansy flower creates an impressive effect on men through art. In paintings and sculptures, the flower’s leaves and colors emphasize a man’s character and emotional state. At the same time, the pansy flower enhances a man’s natural charm and makes him stand out from others.

In conclusion, the pansy flower is a magnificent flower that reflects the beauty of nature and emphasizes a man’s characteristic features. Artists can create a fascinating effect on men by revealing these beauties.


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