Size: 30.0 x 0.2 x 30.0cm / 12 inc

Medium: Embroidery on Canvas

Year: 2021

Edition: 1/3

The purpose of the colorful face with closed eyes that I worked on the canvas is to remind us of our tendency to overlook the colors within ourselves and in the world around us. We often take for granted the beauty and diversity of colors, and we may not even realize that we have our own unique colors within us waiting to be discovered.

The closed eyes on the colorful face are a representation of our tendency to ignore the beauty of our own internal world, as well as the external world. We are often so focused on what is happening around us that we forget to look inward and appreciate the colors that make us who we are.

Through this work of art, I hope to encourage viewers to open their eyes and appreciate the vibrant colors within themselves and the world around them. We should take the time to recognize and embrace the unique colors that make us who we are, and to appreciate the beauty of the colors that exist in nature and in the people around us.

This piece serves as a reminder to slow down and take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the world around us, and the colors that make it so wonderful.



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