“Dance of Threads: Embroidered Women’s Bodies on Wooden Boards”

Size: 88 x 53 cm

Medium: Crossstich art on wood

Year: 2022

Edition: 1.

The women figures embroidered on wooden boards carry a deep meaning with the patterns and colors etched onto the surface. The thread gradients highlight the delicate curves and lines of the woman’s body, complementing the intricate cross-stitch patterns to create a powerful expression.

By using the thread gradients, the artist successfully emphasizes the gradual changes in the woman’s body and creates a strong emotional expression. The art piece invites the viewer to immerse themselves in the emotional transitions of the woman’s body, evoking a powerful feeling.

The embroidered woman’s body blends seamlessly with the wooden surface, drawing the observers in. The thread gradients reveal the details of the woman’s body, helping to convey a deeper meaning. The artist’s mastery lies in the detailing of the figures and colors, and this artistic work merges into a strong and emotional expression.


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