ANTHROPO SANS FUTURE first collective by Christine X Curated

The Anthropocene Enoch is a geologic era, our present era, which shows the untimely influence  of human activity on the climate and our planet’s ecosystem. This exhibition ‘Anthropo Sans Future’ shows the work of five local artists who had this theme reoccurring in their art over the past few year. Detrimental to future generations, we find it important to keep this topic discussed, be it through writings or through visuals.

‘Forgive Us, For We Have Misunderstood’,  by Darren Tanti.

Darren Tanti’s two limited edition prints exhibited are image stills taken from the hybrid artwork  ‘Forgive Us, For We Have Misunderstood’,  which was part of the 2020 APS Mdina Biennale. Never shown because of the emergence of the pandemic on the Biennale’s opening days, his work is based on the premise that humans feel privileged and entitled to do as they wish with their natural environment, even if it means destoying it at the expense of other living creatures and future generations. Self-inflicting suffering is a consequence but no matter the efforts made, this can never replace or bring back what they have destructed. Mario Abela from Gozo has been working on this theme for many years and the two works being exhibited, which belong to the ‘Notes from the Anthropocene’ series, look into both the gluttonous human over other living entities as well as the state of mind of humans vis-à-vis the destruction of nature.

‘‘Ara Ġejja l-Mewt Għalik’ by Rupert Cefai.
‘Mażża’ (silver filigree skull) by Kevin Attard.

The destruction of nature also leads to the eventual death of mankind and this is what Rupert Cefai reminds us through his work ‘‘Ara Ġejja l-Mewt Għalik’ (translated to ‘Watch Death Coming For You’)- self inflicting suffering brought onto ourselves. Chris de Souza Jensen, also a street artist known as Seapuppy, brings us ‘An Everglades Matryoshka’ which shows various creatures making up the biodiverse Floridian swamp acting like babushka dolls swallowing each other up as well as ‘The Inevitable Defeat at the Battle of the Lump’. Filigree master Kevin Attard’s piece also sheds on the final stage and ending of all human suffering with his skull ‘Mażża’. A reminder to us all that this is how we all end up and it’s up to us to use what has been given to us in the best possible way so that future generations can also benefit.

Transverberation by Mario Abela.
‘An Everglades Matryoshka’ by Chris de Souza Jensen.

This exhibition ‘Anthropo Sans Future’  is taking place at Christine X Curated (at Christine X Art Gallery) in Tigne Street, Sliema until 13 th May 2022. Opening hours are Monday to Saturday 10am-1pm and 4-7pm and entrance is free.

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