Convergence official launch by Daaa Haus, James Vella Clark and camilleriparismode

This week we attended the spectacular launch of Convergence; a project involving the unprecedented collaboration between a visual artist and a design practice, in the creation of an exclusive fine rug collection inspired by a series of paintings by James Vella Clark.  Conceived by DAAA Haus and hosted by camilleriparismode, the idea behind this exclusive rug collection was simple, yet a true testament of the life of someone living art and design ceaselessly.

Each carpet was beautifully displayed and curated within a carefully designed interior decor and surrounding ornaments. The original paintings where also paired with each rug hinting the process from the start to the finished product. Guests where also invited to walk barefoot to feel the softness and quality of the hand crafted wool and silk carpets.

Featuring THE BLUE RUG at camilleriparismode

When Keith Pillow, director of Daaa Haus was travelling to India for the first time in 2019, exploring the possibility of setting up a satellite design and architecture studio in Mumbai, he immediately fell in love with the country, its traditions and spectacular craftsmanship. 

Experiencing the production of the exquisite rugs first-hand, he was intrigued by the idea of developing something unique, which would fuse the Maltese and Indian cultures. Whilst pondering on the concept, Keith recalled an art collection of a fellow countryman and friend: artist James Vella Clark. The synergy that follows is a reinterpretation of James’ works, intricately reproduced in an unconventional form of luxurious rugs. 

Keith Pillow director of Daaa Haus and guest visitor during convergence launch at cammilleriparismode

“India is a place where colour is doubly bright. Pinks that scald your eyes, blues that you could drown in.” 

~ Kiran Millwood Hargrave, The Girl of Ink and Stars 
This project brought several creatives together with the admirable craftsmanship of one of the finest hand-knotting rug manufacturers in India – Cocoon Rugs. This collaboprative project is a literal convergence of talent, vision and design.
THE PINK RUG paired with original painting at camilleriparismode

About the Convergence series collection

In 2016, James Vella Clark started exploring the ‘abstracted’ traits in his past works and sought of reinterpreting these traits into a completely abstract dimension. Therefore, his abstract work should be viewed as the product of an ongoing process that started many years ago.   The starting point that led to his current abstract work was the source of light as the one and only focal point, which in turn became a source for all the colour plains surrounding it.  In fact, when viewing an art piece, we tend to first want to establish a point of contact, a reference point to which we can relate. Only then, does one feel prepared to explore other parts of the work.  The work over the past few years led to a collection that formed the main body of paintings for CONVERGENCE; a solo exhibition hosted in February 2019. In this latest abstract work, the viewer is now being challenged to assess the work as a whole; a destination constituted by many different plains without a clear reference point. In most works however, there is an interrelation of different masses of colour which seem to converge to a more specific, yet not so obvious, reference point.   

Born in 1975, James Vella Clark is one of Malta’s prevalent expressionist interpreters of the Maltese urban and rural landscape. Since his first public exhibition in 2001, his works have been gradually evolving in abstraction. Eventually, this became part of a natural process that led to his current abstract work. Today, his main idiom is abstraction which lends mostly to the abstract expressionist movement of the fifties and sixties.  

Besides a number of solo exhibitions in Malta, James Vella Clark has held personal exhibitions in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and New York. Over the years he was also invited to participate in collective exhibitions in Barcelona, Florence, Brussels, Duisburg, Vienna, and London. James Vella Clark lives and works from his studio in Valletta. 

DAAA Haus is a fast-growing multi-disciplinary international design practice with a unique design process of mixing parameters, such as strategies and systems, techniques and tools, materials, technology and people, as well as other relevant lifestyle and cultural factors. Bringing together the skills, talents and passion for eye-catching, innovative and functional design, DAAA Haus’ work today ranges from architecture, branding, interiors, to product design and art projects.

DAAA Haus treasures any art form and is constantly in search of new talent promoting freedom of expression and creating opportunities where artists and designers meet to give life to new art. For us at DAAA, modern art is the world’s creative response to rational practices and perspectives of life. We work closely with artists to represent their experience of the newness of modern life in an innovative form.

Beauty in all its forms has always been a priority for camilleriparismode. From art exhibitions, fashion shows and launches; our ethos has and always will be, to bring beauty to the forefront of all we do. Celebrating art, artists and the techniques through events has become our favourite way to connect our clientele with worlds undiscovered that we feel deserve visibility – it is a form of duty and privilege that we undertake we pride.  

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